Welcome to the Western Washington Area 72 Public Information Committee Website.  Like all of A.A., the primary purpose of members involved with public information service is to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Working together, members of local Public Information committees convey A.A. information to the general public, including the media. This…

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The P.I. Workbook has many suggested P.I. projects for local committees. Many of the projects below are up and running in Area 72. Explore and see how you can help. Anonymity Understand the purpose of Anonymity.   Hotels and Motels Drop A.A. meeting schedules at local hotels and motels in your district. Medical Professionals Keep physicians supplied…

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Preserving Anonymity on Radio, TV and Internet Interviews A.A. members occasionally participate in interviews on radio, TV and the Internet, with great benefit to the Fellowship and to suffering alcoholics. Many in the media are aware of the Anonymity Traditions, and accustomed to helping A.A.s preserve personal anonymity at the public level. For those media persons who are not aware…

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About P.I.

“Public Information takes many forms – the simple sign outside a meeting place that says ‘A.A. meeting tonight’; listing in local phone directories; distribution of A.A. literature; and radio and television shows using sophisticated media techniques.  Whatever the form, it comes down to ‘one drunk carrying the message to another drunk,’ whether through personal contact…

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The Area 72 P.I. Committee meets 4 times per year, in February, May, August, and November. These meetings are called P.I. standing committee quarterly meetings. We meet at the same time and place as the Area C.P.C. committee in a combined workshop session followed by a separate break out session. See below for our scheduled quarterly…

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12 Step Calls

The following FAQ was initially created for volunteers to the Hospitals in Western Washington, but many suggestions could be applied to any Hospital 12 step call. What do I do when I receive a twelve step call? Respond right away if you are available to arrive to the hospital by evening same day. Indicate the…

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The Virginia Mason Story

2016 UPDATE: During the first 12 months of this exciting 12 step call relationship with Virginia Mason Hospital, we 12 stepped 63 patients. From this success, VM has requested that we expand to  their ER department. This will officially launch this summer. Since 2015, other Hospitals in Western Washington (from Kelso/Longview to Bellevue), have begun to cooperate much closer with their…

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Getting Started

Getting started can be the hardest step. P.I. work does not have to be very difficult. Simply refilling an A.A. literature rack is great P.I. service work. Consider to start with a simple project first. Check out the projects page for tools and ideas.