Preserving Anonymity on Radio, TV and Internet

Interviews A.A. members occasionally participate in interviews on radio, TV and the Internet, with great benefit to the Fellowship and to suffering alcoholics. Many in the media are aware of the Anonymity Traditions, and accustomed to helping A.A.s preserve personal anonymity at the public level. For those media persons who are not aware of our Traditions, be sure to explain the need for personal anonymity on your part, and request their cooperation. An A.A. who appears on radio, TV or the Internet and is identified as an A.A. member will find it safer to carefully arrange with the interviewer to use only his or her first name, and to appear in such a way that identification is impossible.

Reprinted from (Public Information Workbook,  page 5), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Annual Anonymity Memo to Media

Each year the General Service Office sends a letter to newspapers in the U.S. and Canada and also to radio and TV stations about A.A.s policy of Anonymity. It is suggested that local P.I. committees send a Letter on Anonymity to the Media to local newspapers, radio and TV. Letters from local people can mean more with hometown media than do mass mailings from New York.

2018 Anonymity Letter to Media

Anonymity at the Personal Level
In The Language of the Heart (page 15), Bill writes: “It should be the privilege of each individual A.A. to cloak himself with as much personal anonymity as he desires.” At the personal level anonymity provides protection for all members from identification as alcoholics, something newcomers may particularly desire. However, in doing C.P.C or P.I. service work — such as giving presentations to those in a professional field — an A.A. member may be asked for his or her first and last names. This is not an anonymity break because it is not on a level of press or media, and because an A.A. member doing this type of service work is also doing Twelfth Step work. However, if as an A.A. member, you are uncomfortable with this, then perhaps another form of service might be a better fit for you.

“Reprinted from (Cooperation with the Professional Community Workbook,  page 9), with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.