The Area 72 Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC) Committees meet together

PI/CPC Quarterlies – 4 times per year ~ Generally the second Saturday in

            ~~February, May, August, and November~~ (location varies)

These meetings are called PI/CPC standing committee quarterly meetings. We meet in a combined workshop session followed, if necessary, by a separate break out session where the two committees meet separately. See below for our scheduled quarterly meetings as well as other applicable events to P.I. and CPC servants in our Area.  Email your event flyers to Area 72 PI Chair and Area 72 CPC Chair

Nov 2019 picpc qtrly flyer

Click here for Printable flyer

If you are interested, directly following the November 2019 PI/CPC Quarterly in Ferndale, District 11 welcomes you to attend their annual Gratitude Banquet – See flyer below. It is a 7th tradition event, potluck & speaker meeting. 


If you are having trouble seeing event details in the calendar below, view the event calendar here.

Public Information Committee Events