Public Service Announcements

Whether for radio or television, A.A. Conference-approved P.S.A.s are widely accepted as a way to provide information on A.A.

Vintage Microphone Wallpaper 1600X1200Our PSAs are described in the literature catalog available at your central office/intergroup, or by contacting G.S.O. Local P.I. committees frequently purchase P.S.A.s from G.S.O. to distribute to local stations. Many times, P.l. committees find that a personal visit to deliver the cassette often results in an opportunity to share A.A. information, emphasizing the principles of anonymity and non-affiliation.

If you would like more information about working with radio or television stations, please write or call G.S.O. and ask for the service piece “Suggestions for Working with Your Local Radio and Television Stations to Help Carry the Message.”

In Western Washington there are P.I. committees working on getting P.S.A.s distributed widely.

PSA “Doors”

PSA “I Have Hope”

PSA “I Thought”

PSA “25 & Under”

AA Corrections “A New Hope”

AA Video for Healthcare Professionals

AA Video for Employment/Human Resources Professionals

AA Video for Legal and Corrections Professionals